Thanks for taking part in Soils for Science.

Once you send in your soil sample, our scientists grow cultures of the microbes in a petri dish. It takes 6-8 weeks for the microbes to grow enough to see them well.

Depending on the number of samples received at any one time, it may take longer for our scientists to start processing a sample, as the incubators can only hold a certain number of petri dishes.

Keep checking back to see if the image from your sample has been uploaded. Don’t forget to download the app and mark your location. And please share on your social channels.

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Image gallery: To view the microbes that live in S4S soil samples either search a soil sample code (ie S4S-00001), or scan the gallery and choose an image, or select one of our favourites.
Image viewing: Once open, use your mouse, trackpad, touch screen or the gallery control panel to zoom and pan. Where available, select from the micro-gallery to view all the images common to a soil sample. These include complex communities growing on different media, revealing a bewildering array of competing microbes, as well as pure microbes growing happily on their own. See if you can find evidence of the next generation of antibiotics (hint: look for one microbe pushing back another).
Search for your sample by entering your sample id, or browse all samples below.